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Water Bottle Scent Up

Water Bottle Scent Up

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Get ready to elevate your hydration game with our Water Bottle Scent Up – the ultimate blend of functionality and sensory indulgence!

Quench your thirst with a twist as our flavored water bottle takes your hydration experience to new heights. With the included scent ring, you can now enjoy the delightful aroma of fruits while staying hydrated. Every sip becomes an invigorating sensory experience, making hydration a refreshing delight.

But that's not all – our water bottle is designed with your convenience in mind. Featuring a built-in handle, it's easy to carry on the go, whether you're hitting the gym, exploring the great outdoors, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll. And with the one-press opening mechanism, accessing your beverage is quick and effortless – no more fumbling with caps or lids!

Worried about leaks? Don't be! Our water bottle boasts a secure locking design to keep your beverage sealed and leak-free, even during the most vigorous activities. Plus, with its durable Tritan material and stylish matte finish, it's not just functional – it's a fashion statement!

Capacity: 1000ml
Material: Tritan
Color Options: Blue Purple, Yellow Green Purple, Black White, Purple, Pink Blue
Size: Approx. 275mm (10.83in) X 80mm (3.15in) X 80mm (3.15in)
Net Weight: About 170g

Upgrade your hydration routine with our Water Bottle Scent Up and make staying hydrated a sensory delight!

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