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Kids Electronic Cognitive Cards Talking Flash Cards Audio Books Flashcards for Learn English Words Study Toys Game for Girl Boy

Kids Electronic Cognitive Cards Talking Flash Cards Audio Books Flashcards for Learn English Words Study Toys Game for Girl Boy

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Material: ABS, paper
Dimensions: 107*90*21mm
Color: Pink, Blue
Suggested Age: 0-6 years old baby
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 270mA
Rated Power: 1W
Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Charging Time: 80 Minutes
Play Time: 4-5 hours


1. The kids toys contain 112 sight words flash cards - 224 words. Your baby can learn different animals, vehicles, foods, fruits, colors, vegetables, daily nesessities, costumes, nature, persons, jobs and shapes.
It is great for kids to recognizing, reading, spelling common words and improving their reading progress

2. Entertains and Educates! - Give your kids a interesting preschool learning! This baby toys equipped with lifelike analog sound for animals, cars etc, (Some cards don't have sound effect) The kids not only can learn the words, but also can know the the appearance, calls of animals and cars.
It can make kids find the more fun of learning, satisfy the baby's curiosity and improve memory

3. Better Eye Protection - There is no electronic screen on the device, and no internet required. The design of this preschool learning toys is intended to protect our kid's eyesight and radiation protection.
And the standard pronunciation with feeling will make it easier for baby to remember words. It's lively and interesting!

4. Play in the Classroom and at Home - Playing with family is benificial to develop feelings for each other.
And this baby learning toys come with nice packaging box, it's portable to take it outside, your kids can bring it to kindergarten to play it with classmates. All the kids can feel the fun of game learning.

5. An Ideal Gift for 2-6 Years Old Boys and Girls - Our preschool flashcards is made of friendly materials, Non toxic and harmless, it's safe for kids. And it's die-cut with rounded corners and waterproof coating. A perfect gift for Children's Day, Children's Day and baby's birthday.

Great Learning Toys for Kids

Brilliant colors, vivid patterns, and rich content help children improve reading, vocabulary accumulation, color and perception of things, and get to know this colorful world as soon as possible!

Diverse Vocabulary Meet Kid's Curiosity and Imagination

112 Pcs cards, total 224 words:
Animal x 56; Daily necessities x 31
Vehicles x 25; Foods x 21
Fruits x 18; Vgetables x 17
Costumes x 16; Nature x 10
Color x 9; Person x 8
Jobs x 8; Shapes x 5

Standard pronunciation and vivid effect

Standard pronunciation can be more helpful for children's learning, and with cute sound effects, children can remember words better.
After read he words "cat", it will imitate the cat calls"meow" ,it's very interesting!

Safe and Non-toxic

The card is non-toxic and odorless
Rounded corner design (card), care for small hands.

Cute Appearance and Effective Function

The fuselage cover of machine adopts ABS resin material to reinforce the shell, anti-fall and wear-resistant

Lightweight and Portable

Specially Designed for Toddlers, The machine is so small and light that kids use it conveniently.
Kids can put the machine in their small bag, and they can learn and play anytime, anywhere.

Easy for Kids Use

Charge about 80 minutes and use 4~5 hours

Perfect Education Toy for Early Childhood Development

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